Understanding the Concept of “Afahasibtum Har Bimari Ka Ilaj” अफ़हासिब्तुम हर बीमारी का इलाज 5/5 (22)

Undoubtedly, healthcare is one of the most fundamental parts of our social infrastructure. Doctors and other healthcare workers fight every day for novel treatments for curing different sicknesses and diseases. On the positive side, the modern science and medicine have made great progress and there are now many health problems that have no available effective treatments.

However, what if rather there’s something extra that can be done? This is what is supposed to transcend modern medicine’s border?

Now step into the idea of “Nafees Maghavishat,” a way of healing illnesses or disease just by believing in it. With all the skepticism that some people have as to it, the ability to heal through belief and faith has been psychologically observed for centuries in various beliefs and religions.

This article is dedicated to an in-depth exploration of this engaging issue and of its pros and cons.

1). “The role of “Afahasibtum Har Bimari Ka Ilaj” : “

In English, this expression can be translated as “Do You Consider Medicine to be the Cure for All Diseases?”It’s a very well-known phrase in the context of Islamic faith. This idea is revolved around Allah, the Islamic God, whom he believes has the ultimate authority to cure all the physical and mental diseases that might exist.

As per Islamic view, one must seek medical treatment as and when needed for any diseases including mental ills. On the other hand, we must be sure of our reliance on Allah and this will stimulate the belief in us that only God can totally heal us.

2) Faith’s Impact on Healing

On the other hand, there are many people who would doubt the appropriateness or even the effectiveness of the solution. Numerous researches have proven though that personal religious congregations can be very helpful to a person emotionally and medically.

Another research in American Journal of Psychiatry discovered that individuals who believed strongly that there are higher powers have higher possibility of recovery from depression than those who do not. Another Duke University-based research paper demonstrated that engaging in meditation and prayer might be able to decrease heart disease risk.

3. The Risks of Being Blindly Contrary to Reason

Even if it’s true that faith and belief are one of the best things we can ever use to cure, having only faith that it’ll heal is a very dangerous act.

Suppose a person turns down medical treatment for a severe condition or diseases, believing that Allah will cure them. The individual risks death or severe deterioration. In certain circumstances, postponing the consultation of a doctor leads to permanent impairment to the whole body.

4) Intertwining faith and modern medicine.

The meaning of “Afahasibtum” should not be like a dichotomy between Western biomedicine and traditional healing practice. Actually, several Islamic scholars and scientists encourage the integration of faith and modern medicine, in the hope of dealing with the deceases and illnesses.

As a result of the merger, the patients are able to access the best services from the two types of therapy. They can try out and select effective medical treatments and at the same time have confidence that Allah will be involved and will guide them in the healing path.

Sure Yaseen with Ya Mubeen: A Powerful Wazifa for Success- यक़ीनन यासीन हां मुबीन पावर फुल वज़ीफ़ा के साथ

Afahasibtum Ayat Benefits

Afahasibtum Ayat Benefits

Afahasibtum Ayat Benefits अफ़हासिब्तुम आयत फ़ायदे

Through this verse we are however reminded about the multitude of benefits that are associated with us reflecting on Allah(s) Signs. The Qur’an verses and the mysteries of the Universe are the paths we skeptical minds take to attain some knowledge and to realize how deep the revelation lies. Through the verse “take a deep breath and give thanks” the author emphasizes that no matter of what you have or think you are thankful for you should strive for that deeper kind of gratefulness and mindfulness. By reflecting on the different ways in which Allah shows His signs to us in our daily lives, we can be devoted to him, and get to know ourselves and the universe much better.

3 Din Mein Rishta Pakka Hone Ka Wazifa- 3 दिन में रिश्ता पक्का होने का वज़ीफ़ा

Afahasibtum Ka Wazifa Ubqari अफ़हासिबतुम का वज़ीफ़ा उबकारी

In Islamic spirituality, Ubqari has come to be associated with remedies for both worldly and spiritual problems. These therapies include ‘afahasibtum ka wazifa’ which directly translates to ‘the wazifa of have you reckoned O man.’ It is believed that this particular supplication is among the most powerful when it comes to the overcoming of anxiety and fear and the bringing peace and tranquility into one’s life. ‘afahasibtum ka wazifa’ is the formula given by the great spiritual healer and founder of the Ubqari magazine, Hakeem Tariq Mahmood Chughtai. Being an Islamic spiritual authority, Hakeem Chughtai Mahmood has amassed a great number of followers who have been positively influenced by his teachings and treatment.

Shohar Ko Apna Gulam Banane Ka Wazifa – शोहर को अपना गुलाम बनाने का वज़ीफ़ा

Afahasibtum Aur Azan Benefits अफ़हासिब्तुम और अज़ान के फायदे

One of the vital elements of being a Muslim, upholding their culture, and practicing their faith is salat, which is praying five times a day. More frequently, what people want to know is if they can derive any advantage from Azan? The fact that “Islam” was “called unto”, suddenly there was “Noor” (light) and “Iqra” (read) is a very valuable thing.

Besides evocating the spirit of prayer in the people who are muslims, the azan is also a crest that stands for the solidarity of every muslim. This is underlined by performing Sala which is believed to be the reason behind clearing sins and bringing blessings in ones life. The “afahasibtum aur azan” that “salah” does to the life of a believer is therefore a very significant one.

Mohabbat Me Beqarar Karne Ka Wazifa – मोहब्बत में बेकरार करने का वज़ीफ़ा

Afahasibtum Aur Azan Ka Wazifa अफ़हासिब्तुम और अज़ान का वज़ीफ़ा

Meaning of Recitation and Prayers has an important space in Islamic spirituality Life is made up of many different daily activities; sometimes it becomes so easy to be carried away by the distractions and pressures arising. Nevertheless, repeating the relevant wazifa facilitates us to tie faith knots with Allah.

An association becomes strong. Afahasibtum is also Amifi why azan is important part of our daily life. Through practice of this wazifa as a part of our routine, we will encompass our mission in life and will live it as it is dear to Allah. Through this magnificient wazifa we can draw close to our faith and work hard to have the best life possible.

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Surah Muminoon last 4 Ayat Benefits

Surah Muminoon last 4 Ayat Benefits

Surah Muminoon Last 4 Ayat Benefits सूरह मुमिनून अंतिम 4 आयत लाभ

Saying the last four ayats of Surah Muminoon on a daily basis is a great source of wisdom and salvation for those who memorize them. In these verses, there is a reflection on the name of Allah and of our true faith. The last four ayat of Surah Muminoon are likely to assist in firming up one’s relationship with Allah, which translates to strengthening their faith and belief in Him.

The verses (of Quran) do not only safeguard the reciter from evils but, also ward off all the other destructive energies. Besides, the chanting of these ayah is famous for helping to keep a cool and calm mind, and indeed for lowering the tension and anxiety in the body. Recitation of the last four verses of Surah Muminoon has the most profound outcomes which cannot be overemphasized. It is the pivot of one’s spiritual life.

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Afahasibtum Annama Khalaqnakum अफहासिब्तुम अन्नमा खलाकनाकुम

The topic of Afahasibtum Aur Azan Ka Wazifa is one of key aspects of Islam spirituality. During the normal course of our lives, we can become a victim of the worries and distractions of the external environment. However, memorizing the wazifa under consideration will help to be connected to the faith and to develop the connection to Allah. For example, the Muslim Prayer(azan)in our daily lives has been particularly emphasized in Life of Azan. This will be a day-to-day reminder that will help us understand the objective and thus lead a life that Allah will be happy with. This Wazifa unites us with our religion and hold us close to what we are supposed to be.

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Conclusion About Understanding the Concept of “Afahasibtum Har Bimari Ka Ilaj

Quite possibly, the most valuable aspect of the proverb is the time factor, the proverb was invented in old times. However, confidence and trust alone don’t insure that the healing process will be successful. The search for any disease should be undertaken at the right time. The blending of medical procedures with spiritual practices consequentially help individuals to get the most benefit from it, thus accounting for an increase in their healing chances. Not placing your belief on faith is risky, but still you have no option but to use evidence as you tackle the health and wellness matters.

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