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How To Find Out Who Did Sihr On You?

How To Find Out Who Did Sihr On You or to find out if someone has done taweez on you? We also provide you dua for protection against sihr and wazifa to remove sihr.

Sihr is the devil activity or black magic. Ultimately, Sihr is for revenge motive. Furthermore, people also perform Sihr on you if they are jealous. Particularly, those who serve Sihr have bad intentions. There is no need to worry, as the holy book Quran has all solutions.  Indeed, the Quran has dua for protection against Sihr. Therefore, this article is all about finding the Sihr on you. Ultimately, here you will get the right wazifa to remove Sihr.

Before treating any problem, you should know its causes. Therefore, using dua to find out who did Sihr on, you can protect yourself. Moreover, you can have the solution on time. Thus, it will not cause too much damage to your life. Whether your family, friends, enemies, relatives, or Sihr acquaintances, dua will reveal the reality. Consequently, you can save your life. Ultimately you can stop the person from using you and your loved ones as a puppet.

How To Find Out Who Did Sihr On You

How To Find Out Who Did Sihr On You

The inability to control your activities shows that you are under a spell. Sihr is very risky. Mainly, Sihr is the trick of black magic. Its objective is to put you in danger. In this case, if you find differences in the behavior of loved ones, then you should notice it. However, someone may have performed Sihr on them. Significantly, the holy book Quran has dua to find out who did Sihr on you. Consequently, it is easy to save yourself from Sihr. You can called it black magic and if you want to remove it you need to know काला इल्म का जादू.

The procedure for conducting dua is simple. It only requires positive thoughts with meditation power. Significantly, it would help if you believe in dua. Thus, ignore all your doubts and perform the dua to achieve the first step. That is, to know who served Sihr on you.

How To Find Out If Someone Has Done Taweez On You?

How To Find Out If Someone Has Done Taweez On You? At the very first, free yourself from all tensions and negativity. After that, start with your procedure to find out if someone has done taweez on you. Another solution to remove sihr from you called ruqyah verses for black magic. Here are the steps to find out who did Sihr on you.

  • Complete your Esha or prayers of night.
  • After that, offer two Nafil.
  • Keep your intentions healthy to find out who did Sihr on you.
  • After nafil, recite Durood-e-Ibrahimi for 11 times. It is the initial process to find out who did Sihr on you.
  • After this, recite “YaKhabeer-o-Akhbirni Anil Ahwaal, YaAleem-o-Allim’ ni Anil Ahwal for 4100 times.
  •  At last, you have to finalize dua to find out who performed Sihr on you. For that, recite 11 times Durood-e-Ibrahimi.
  • The final step is to sleep with belief in your dua.
  • One has to perform this dua for 41 days. However, Jinnat or negative spirits will try to divert you to achieve your dua. Have faith in Almighty.
  • Ultimately, the regular performance of dua will allow you to see the culprit’s face in your dream.
  • Keep it as secret and stay away from that person. Gradually, the Blessings of Allah will solve each problem.

Dua For Protection Against Sihr

Dua For Protection Against Sihr , The holy book Quran has many duas to perform for protection against her. Generally, many symptoms help in identifying spells. For instance, you will have a headache, and no medicine will heal your pain.

“AooduBizzatillahiwaqudrattillahiwakanafillalhiwajawarillahiwaamanillahiwakanafillahiwajawarillahiwakibriyaillahiwahirzillahiwasuniillahiwakibriyaillahiwanazarillahiwabahailahiwajallalilahiwqakamlillahiwajamalillahilaaillahiillahumuhammadunrasolullahi min sharri ma ajdu”

While reciting dua for protection against Sihr, keep your thoughts positive. Keep believing that the Almighty will provide protection. As a result, Almighty will protect you against Sihr. Consequently, you will get back your strength and mental peace.

The world has two energies. That is positive and negative. It is the fact that positivity always destroys negativity. At last, it’s still the positive duas that remain strong. So perform dua for protection against Sihr with all believers. While reciting dua, feel each word of it. Gradually, the Sihr will become weak.

Wazifa To Remove Sihr

Wazifa to remove Sihr has excellent power. Hence, it can save you from any spell. Ultimately dua directly connects you to the Almighty. Thus you can achieve success by praying with all honesty.


Reciting wazifa day and night to remove Sihr will give you positive results. Hence you can remove Sihr from your stomach. In Islam, Sihr is foul. Ultimately, reciting verses from the Quran will provide a solution for each problem. We will provide you ya qahhar wazifa for black magic, it will solve all type of sihr problem.

Our elders always guide us on the road to not touch something related to Sihr. In that case, you will not immediately see the symptoms. Gradually, it will start to affect your life. Significantly, the Quran has wazifa to remove Sihr. Whenever you doubt in mind that someone has bound you in a spell, then perform wazifa. Furthermore, blow the dua all over the home. Always mind your ways and keep yourself away from evil things.

Performing wazifa to remove Sihr has a powerful impact. If you perform continuously, you will come back to a normal situation. However, one who will perform this wazifa will never get caught in evil Sihr. Generally, we all have enemies in our life. Hence keeping yourself safe is most important. Ultimately performing wazifa will always provide you inner peace.


Wazifa is a vital tool to get rid of Sihr. The first and foremost step is to find who has done taweez on you. It is essential to know the base of any problem. The Quran has solutions for each kind of problem created intentionally or non intentionally. Further, after learning the person who performed evil Sihr on you, completely stay away from his contact. Gradually, start to perform dua for protection against Sihr and have a happy and secure life.

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