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Ruqyah Verses For Black Magic

Ruqyah Verses For Black Magic or supplications and treatment with ruqyah is our services, here we will provide you solution about your problems like how to find out if someone has done taweez on you. We also provide you answer about how to perform ruqyah on yourself to break black magic.

How To Use Ruqyah Verses For Black Magic?

Black magic is used to destroy a person completely. People use jinns to harm some people in this process. Usually, we use Islamic ruqyah to drive away the effect of jinn from a person.

Ruqyahs are Islamic exorcism. It should be done by a specialist only. Any mistake can be fatal for both the victim and the specialist. It would help if you were very careful when performing a ruqyah.

Black magic is a result of human greed and jealousy. When you become successful, there will always be some people who can’t stand your prosperity. They are around us for ages. These people usually wear a mask of goodness to remain close to us, and when they get a chance, they harm us.

Ruqyah Verses For Black Magic

Ruqyah Verses For Black Magic

Once you are affected by black magic, your life will be a living hell. Possession of jinn is very dangerous as it will take your happiness very slowly.

Many people are atheist and doesn’t believe in either God or root. But this is true and can be dangerous in many aspects. Your mental, financial, marital life can be destroyed totally.

Ruqyah has some verses which has proved helpful in making him go away from the victim.

Ruqyah verses can be of many types. To catch and remove jinn from the patient body or to catch the sorcerer. However, each activity has different verses. The following is one of those.

I seek refuge in Allah, All-Hearing and All Knowing from the accursed devil, from his hamz (evil suggestion), from his nafkh (puffing up), and from his nafth (spitting). A proper ruqyah has the strength to drive away the jinn when performed by an expert.

Supplications And Treatment With Ruqyah

Supplications And Treatment With Ruqyah, Allah said,”Invoke me, and I will listen.” He listens to everybody, maybe late, but he sure does. All we need to keep our faith in him and have patience. He will make everything alright.

The supplication means to take refuge in Allah. To be clean, pure-hearted, and be sincere to Allah. In the process of ruqyah, it is important to have complete faith in him. Evil forces may try to move us away, break our concentration from Allah. But we should show our sincerity and praise him so that he listens to our prayer and show us the ray of hope.

Supplication is one-to-one interaction with almighty and best answered at late night or the end of an obligatory salat. The following payer can be used as supplication.


For the treatment with ruqyah, believing in Allah is very important. All the expertise is nothing if you don’t have the mercy of Allah. After supplication, you can proceed with the treatment.

To prevent Sorcery, reading the Quran every day can help a lot. And continuously seeking refuge to Allah is the only treatment. You can use the following to seek refuge.


If he wants, nothing can harm you. His mercy can make the impossible possible. Soon all dark effect will be gone forever.

How To Find Out If Someone Has Done Taweez On You?

How To Find Out If Someone Has Done Taweez On You? Human beings have a nature to get jealous of someone’s happiness. The incompleteness of us, the failure of us, ignites it when someone gets success. For this, many people can’t control their inner selves and do wrong things. Black magic is one of those.

For a black magic victim, it is important to know who did it rather than how. It is important that who has gathered vengeance against you. You have to remember that even if you get rid of this trouble, and you cannot get to know who is behind this, there is no guarantee that the person will not try to harm you again. Vengeance tends not to let go easily.

However, God has sent us all with a solution for every problem. He can answer the most difficult questions if we seek by pure heart. Here also, the following symptoms can guide us to find out if anybody did a taweej or not.

The symptoms are most likely as that of a demonic possession but more light in nature. In general, symptoms are headache, illness or sudden pain in the body, hearing voices, feeling pain or burden on your shoulders, unexpected loss in business, sudden increase of arguments in the family, weakness etc.

A quick diagnosis of the problem can prevent a bigger trouble. Therefore, if you are feeling something like above, don’t hesitate to consult an expert.

How To Perform Ruqyah On Yourself To Break Black Magic?

How To Perform Ruqyah On Yourself To Break Black Magic? Ruqyah performing can be dangerous for common people as a small mistake can be fatal. However, if it is urgent and you can’t get an expert, you can perform ruqyah on yourself to drive away the black magic from you.

Black magic has an advantage that it works very slowly. When people get to know that he/she is a victim, it has been increased its demonic effect by then. Therefore, when you get to know about possession, the first job is to cast the spell away.

To perform ruqyah, you need to keep a compact belief on Allah. Demonic forces may try to distract you, but you need to stick to the path of Allah. There is a way-out consisting of activities. Just follow the procedure perfectly.

After completing Fardh Salaat, recite monsoon wazaif and after that chant Ayatul Qureshi. Then recite Sura Ikhlas, Sura nas, and Sura Falaq. And before going to sleep, recite the last two verses of Sura baqarah. After that, recite the following dua.


Even after that, you should recite the following dua at the beginning and end of the day.


Performing this ruqya will prevent all the dark forces from harming you, and your condition will start to get better.

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