Ya Qahhar Wazifa For Black Magic 5/5 (9)

Ya Qahhar Wazifa For Black Magic

Ya Qahhar Wazifa For Black Magic or qurani wazifa to check black magic can be use to get rid of black magic. Use our powerful wazifa to remove black magic.

Everyone is getting modern. And as we can see, modernization is everywhere, but can we neglect the presence of the things that we cannot see but feel. Even though thoughts are evolving with time and stop believing in jinn or magic, we cannot neglect the fact that they exist.

Ya Qahhar Wazifa For Black Magic

Ya Qahhar Wazifa For Black Magic

I believe if good exists, then bad also exists. And some bad people who are either jealous of you or envy you perform black magic on you with the help of some fakir. With the help of this ya qahhar wazifa for black magic, you can get rid of any black magic or Ginny’s effect. The presence of a dark entity that you have under the influence of will go away forever. Also read ruqyah verses for black magic to destroy it completely.

Inshaallah, with the help of “Ya Qahhar wazifa for black magic,”  you will see results very soon. We are under a jinn or black magic influence when:-

  • We get dizzy for no reason,
  • Get angry for no reason,
  • Person get sad for no reason,
  • We don’t like to do things,
  • effected Person don’t like others
  • Our mind is always occupied
  • For ‘ya qahhar wazifa’ for black magic, you need to perform cleaning rituals, then recite AYAT-UL-KURSI for 11 times without stopping.
  • Then recite “YA QAHHAAR” one thousand eight hundred and thirty-six times.
  • After that, recite 11 times SURAH NAAS. Then blow on a glass of water and drink it. You need to do it for seven days. It will surely help you.

“Bismillah hirrah maannir raheem” recite this when you are free. It also helps greatly and will keep your mind on track.

Qurani Wazifa To Check Black Magic

Qurani Wazifa To Check Black Magic, Sudden dizziness, or change in mood or absent-mindedness can not only have medical reasons related to it. There can be other symptoms of black magic like the things not going your way or reoccurring misfortunes. Most of the time, we ignore these symptoms and carry on with life as we do not believe in black magic, and hence we do not know if we are under the black magic influence or not.

We all should check whether we are under the influence of black magic or not. It does not harm in knowing things, especially if they are related to your life. Yes! I would recommend seeing a doctor if you do not feel well. Even though there are doctors, they can help us, but they cannot cure everything. And thus, our situation remains the same.

I don’t see any harm in using QuraniWazifa to check whether there is black magic on you. ‘Quarani wazifa to check black magic’ is very helpful to all those in need. To perform this ‘Quarani wazifa to check black magic,’ you need to clean yourself like a true Muslim.

  • Then recite ‘Quran-E-Kareem,’ Surah 81, Surat At-Takwir Ayat 20 to Ayat 29 for forty-one times (41).
  • After that, blow on pure water and drink it (if you are affected or the Person who is affected).
  • Perform this ‘Quarani wazifa to check black magic’ till you get the desired result.

Use this ‘Quarani wazifa to check black magic’ with utmost sincerity and obedience. Before performing, remove any doubts and second thoughts from your mind if you have any. If you think someone is having black magic or dark magic or jinn on him/her, you can perform this ritual and make him/her drink the water.

Wazifa To Get Rid of Black Magic

Wazifa to get rid of black magic is helpful wazifa, but it is also hard. With the blessing of Allah and pure words of wazifa, any problem of anyone can be solved. Allah helps his children to get past any difficulties we face in our life.

Black magic can happen to anyone, and its symptoms cannot always be known to you. To make sure that you have it before performing, it is very important. So, do not forget to read my article on Quraniwazifa to check black magic. It is really helpful and removes doubts and brings clarity.

You need to do the following steps:-

  • Recite when you are free. “Allahumma Antal Muhyi Wa Antal Mumeetu Wa Antal Bari U.”
  • Bulation and Namaz with wudu.
  • Then Surah-Ta-Ha 68, for one time and Surah 69 for 99 times. (once in a day)
  • Recite ‘Surah Muhammad’ 47 times for ten times a day.
  • Then blow on water and drink it.
  • Recite Quran out loud in different rooms.
  • After that, Recite Namaz 5 times regularly and on Tahajjud also.
  • You need to recite Adhan 11 times for three times a day. You could also listen Adhaan from anywhere online.
  • Listen Ruqya Surah 3 times a day.
  • Recite Urah Al Fatiha 3 times a day.
  • Surah-Al-Mulk 1 time a day.
  • Read 4 QULS before bed (sleep at 11).
  • After waking up 4th KALMA 300 times after MaghribNamaz.

Inshah Allah, after the regular and strict use of the instruction above, you can get rid or remove any jinn or black magic from you.

Powerful Wazifa To Remove Black Magic

Powerful Wazifa To Remove Black Magic, As it is to be read in the heading that it is a powerful wazifa, so be careful to use it and with purity. Also, as I said in wazifa, to remove black magic, do not forget to check if you are under the influence of any black magic before performing this.

Powerful Wazifa to remove black magic is also helpful, but some jinn or black magic is very strong that it can be stopped easily. Thus it needs some sacrifice or our 24 hours devotion. By powerful wazifa to remove black magic, you can remove powerful jinn or any other negative influence you are in. It would help you keep your mind and thoughts steady and in one position.

“Rinnallahasayu Bti-lu-hinnallah aa-yus’ Lih’ Ua’ Mah-lal mu-fsi-deen Fa-wa-qa- Allah’ Qqu-wa Bat-alaKa-nooYa’-ak-bare- na-ju-ddin.”

Recite this as much as you can in a day and also daily. It should not intervene with your regular Namaz. You can chant it whenever you are free in your head. Remove any doubts from your heart as for those who doubt it does not work. To remove black magic from quran you can learn it from here kala jadu ka ilaj quran se.

If possible, write it on the skin of a deer it will work its magic fast and relieve you of all the malice. Inshah Allah, after reciting it regularly, you will be happy, and you will get your desired result. May Allah be with all the souls in need!

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