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Dua To Protect Husband From Another Woman

Dua To Protect Husband From Another Woman or for characterless husband can be called wazifa for husband to leave the other woman. Use our very strong wazifa to get back husband from other woman.

Which Dua Used To Protect Husband From Another Woman?

Many females demand infinite love from their husbands. But, not all husbands offer that much amount of love for their wives. Some of them fail to complete their essential duties too.

They leave their wives and go with another person. They do not care about their wives and do not understand their feelings and emotions. So here, we have shared the dua to protect the husband from another woman.

Suppose your husband is not paying attention and not giving value to your emotions. In that case, there could be possibilities that he is attracted to another woman. So, it is imperative to protect the husband from another female.

Dua To Protect Husband From Another Woman

Dua To Protect Husband From Another Woman

Suppose you feel that you need to save your relationship and want to stop the attraction of another woman on your husband. In that case, dua will surely help you. Allah has a solution to every problem. If you pray to him with pure intentions and dedication, then he will surely help you.

Suppose you know that another woman is attracting your husband. In that case, you should recite dua to protect her husband from another woman. You can also use our wazifa for love between husband and wife To Protect Husband From Another Woman.

Here is the full procedure of Dua To Protect Husband From Another Woman:

  • Read the dua at least ten times a day.
  • Then, Blow it on your husband.
  • Now, pray to Allah to save your husband from another woman.
  • Surah Yusuf; “Law La An Raa’aaBurhanaRabbhihiKadhaLika Li NasrifaAnhu Soo Aa Wa I FahshaaInnahu Min Ibadina I-Mukhlaseena”
  • InshaAllah, you will get the solution of your problem very soon. Allah will save you from the pain, and the loyalty of your husband will be back. Just have faith in almighty.

Wazifa For Husband To Leave The Other Woman

Wazifa For Husband To Leave The Other Woman, Nowadays, it has become common to hold the hand of another woman even after getting married. But some wives think that other women had done some black magic to influence the husband. But, it is a myth. It happens that even after the knowing consequences, a husband tries to create a new bond.

It is vital to take note before it takes a huge turn. Your marriage life could be in danger. So, you have to take care of things. Here we have wazifa for husband to leave the other woman.

Allah is kind and will listen to you in every situation. It would help if you kept faith in him. Perform the wazifa with total dedication and belief. You will mark the results within a few days. molana will provide you shohar ki beshumar mohabbat pane ki dua to Leave The Other Woman.

The procedure of wazifa for the husband to leave the other woman

  • It is the most beautiful and effective dua on the globe.
  • Firstly, Perform Wuzu.
  • Now, you need to recite Surah Fatiha for Seven times.
  • After that, we have mentioned below; you have to read it 101 times.
  • AllahummamunzilalKitab, serial hijabiiahzimilahzab, AllahummaAaizimhumwajalzilhu
  • Now, you require to read Surah Fatiha 7 times again.
  • Now, Blow on two cloves.
  • While sleeping, both the partners keep it under their city bed.
  • Inshaallah, the results are waiting for you. You will have a peaceful and well-to-do life.

Very Strong Wazifa To Get Back Husband From Other Women

Very Strong Wazifa To Get Back Husband From Other Women, Is your husband not under your control and going to another woman, again and again? You do not need to worry now. We have a very strong wazifa to get back husband from other women.

Another woman’s hold on your husband will not matter if you will perform this wazifa. He will get out of her trap and come back to you will whole heart. Allah will help you get rid of that situation. You will get your expected outcomes very soon, only if you perform this strong wazifa.

Procedure to perform Very Strong Wazifa To Get Back Husband From Other Women:

  • You need to perform this ritual for 11 days after you have wrapped your fajr prayer.
  • Take a shower and dress clean clothes, and do not use alcoholic smell.
  • Now, do wuzu correctly before you start performing wazifa to bring back your husband.
  • It is necessary to read DaroodShareed before any initiating any wazifa.
  • Read Durood-e-Shareed for 11 times.
  • Now, read the dua mentioned below for 1111 times.
  • “Yahayyuyaqayyoomu bi rah’ matikaistageeth”
  • Now, you need to take a piece of paper and write down your husband’s name on it.
  • Then, read the Surah Fatiha 313 times.
  • Now blow it on paper.
  • Please fold the paper and keep it safe.
  • Then, chant Surahlahab 73 times repeatedly.
  • Now, read Durood-e-Shareef 11 times.
  • After that, pray to almighty Allah to get your husband back.
  • Keep the paper safe with you.
  • Every day, you have to hold the paper and read the below mentioned AyatKarimadua continuously for 900 times.
  • “La Ilahaila Anta Subhanekainnikuntumizzalimin”

Allah will solve the problem very soon, and you will have your husband back.

Dua For Characterless Husband

Dua For Characterless Husband, If a woman wants her characterless husband to be loyal, she should perform dua for her husband. One should do the dua with attention and accuracy. We strongly recommend you complete the dua with pure intentions only. Otherwise, there could be opposite consequences.

Here is the complete procedure of dua for disloyal and characterless husband:

Only wives can read this dua. You can read this dua for a characterless husband at any time of the day. You need to take a cup of rose water with you during you perform the dua.

Ensure that you have kept clean rose water. Take a shower before dua. Sit on a prayer mat. Read “Ya Wadoodoo” for 800 times.

Now, Blow it on the rosewater and let your husband drink that water. Pray to Almighty Allah for your husband’s love, respect, and affection.

You don’t need to talk to anybody while reading the dua. Otherwise, its essence will lose. Wives need to perform the dua for the husband’s love and respect for continuously 11 days.

Allah will listen to you once you complete this dua. You will start getting results very soon.


There is no problem in the world which dua can’t solve. It has the power to change your life. But, it would help if you did the dua with complete faith and dedication. Inshaallah, you will be happy further.

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